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Pure Water Filters

Pure water filters is simply defined as products to make our water more pure and clean. There is an assortment of pure water filters of which include various types of water softeners, water filters, water chillers, reverse osmosis water systems, scale inhibitors. Additionally there are UV systems, product to remove fluoride, iron removals and last but not least, whole house water filters. Various manufacturers are now creating refrigerator filters that are suitable for use in U.S. models that have a cooled drinking water option on their fridge. Other options also include water pitchers from the likes of Brita, which can be faucet mounted or include replacement filters.

Using these Pure Water Filters

Using these pure water filters will allow you to enjoy cleaner, purer and better tasting water. A majority of these pure water filters are extremely effective in removing a number of contaminants from the water, thus making the water nearly pure. These filters are generally created to last many years, even decades. Many of these manufacturers are using some of the best technology available to create these filters in order to provide these pure water filters.

Pure water filters are capable of removing a number of contaminants including the following:

nitrates and nitrites
herbicides as well as pesticides
drugs and pharmaceutical by-products
all sorts of bacteria, virus, cyst
fluoride and heavy metals
along with a number of industrial chemicals and various solvents such as TCE, VOC and MTBE

Carbon Filters used as Pure Water Filters

Chlorine and many other organic contaminants can be removed by simply using carbon filters, which actually uses granular activated carbon. These filters can also reduce a number of toxic heavy metals. Unfortunately they do not entirely remove all dissolved mineral salts, two such minerals being arsenic and nitrates. A reverse osmosis water system will reduce many heavy metals as well as dissolved salts. One of the biggest issues being fluoride, along with nitrates and radioactive particles. There area number of different reverse osmosis water systems that vary in price and performance, so it’s always good to do your research on sites like Reverse Osmosis Reviews to understand what machine works best.

Gadget filters are used both on a faucet or they are placed in a pitcher. The gadgets generally use either granulated activated carbon or a small block of carbon. These gadget filters tend to help improve the taste of the water, along with the odor and appearance. Distillers can be some of the most effective solutions for pure water filters but can get extremely cost prohibitive. You can buy more inexpensive counter top distillers but unfortunately they have a very short life span, which means you’ll need to replace them quite often. These distillers need electricity to produce a lot of heat for the distillation process.

Another type of pure water filter is the Alkaline water machine. These alkaline water machines don’t remove much of the heavy metals. Unfortunately they cannot remove metals such as mercury, arsenic, lead and cadmium, nor does this type of filter remove fluoride or nitrates. The majority of these systems have an ultra-violet lights which can kill various types bacteria and viruses. Ultra violet light is not a filter itself but aides and assists in the filtering process. Pure Water Filters are an excellent choice when looking for a filter for clean and pure water!

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